In consultation with the proposer, the COST Association organised the first Management Committee meeting of this Action on 6 November 2014 at the COST Association, Avenue Louise 149, Brussels, Belgium. The meeting started at 09:30 and ended at 16:00.

General information of COST mechanisms were discussed, such as the COST Instruments and Eligible expenses, Work and Budget plans, Grant Agreements, Financial Reports, and Website. Aftr an agreement on the internal rules of procedure for the Management Committee of the COST Action, the Chair, Vice-Chair and The Grant Holder (Legal and Scientific Representatives) were elected by the MC members. University of Liege (BE) was elected as the Grant Holder Institution. Dr Aida ALVERA-AZCARATE (BE) was elected as the scientific representative of the Grant Holder Institution.

A workplan was elaborated, which included Objectives and working programme, Working method - organisation and management (including working groups), Distribution of tasks, Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR), and Time-table. Proposals for WG leaders and co-leaders were discussed, that is:

  • WG1 Karina von Schuckmann and Simona Masina
  • WG2 Andrea storto and Antonio Turiel
  • WG3 Gabrial Jorda and Maria Valdivieso
  • WG4 Marie Drevillon and Anna Brook

Dr Antonio TURIEL (ES) was elected as Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) Manager.

The meeting ended with the Budget plan for the next meeting and decision on the place and date of the next meeting.

Meeting minutes can be downloaded from here.

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